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Get well to my American Mommy xx

I’ve got a new friend, he’s not a great conversationalist but he’s cute.

Get this bloody PINK hairband off me!

Sleepy bed time, night night.

Set in a beautiful 90 acre park, Tredegar House is one of the best examples of a 17th century Charles II mansion in Britain.
Tredegar House is of great importance to Wales, not only because of its historic interest and architectural merit but also because many similar properties have been lost in the last 100 years. Rather than taking all this in, I spent the morning pretending to be a companion to a dowager countess like in Downton Abbey. Much more fun.

One lump or two?

My hairy men, know which one’s the cutest!

My human mum thinks I look cute in my new coat, I however think I look like Teen Wolf.

I’ve joined neighbourhood watch, mainly for the tea and biscuits but also as an excuse to spy on folks.

Maybe I should be learning to drive in an automatic?

Arts and crafts time, love colouring with pencils.

I want to live in a Castle, I am a Pekingese Prince after all.

With all this bloody rain my ears and mane are starting to look crimped, I’ll be mistaken for a Puli soon. Stupid British weather!

As an Anglo Asian I do enjoy a saucer of Earl Grey. Shame those humans don’t supply any sandwiches.

Since I have a blog now, is this where I whinge about my pimple?